Nancy Nettle

What classes and grade level(s) do you teach?

First Grade


What do you love most about Grace Christian School?

Grace Christian School is a wonderful, Bible-centered school with a loving learning environment.


Why do you like teaching at Grace Christian School?

We have a fine staff of teachers! Our teachers care about one another and always remember to pray for each other during the week.


What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?

Classroom management is a real interest of mine. It helps me to be able to teach and not waste valuable instructional time in the classroom.


How does “Faith and Learning Connect” in your role at Grace Christian School?

With the Bible being the center of all that we teach, it is very easy to integrate faith with learning! We find God and can better understand His attributes with every subject that we teach. God made us and has a special plan for our lives. He has given us His Word to light our path.


What sets Grace Christian School students apart from other students?

Our students know they have total support from teachers and parents.