Grace Christian School offers a full-day Kindergarten program that encompasses a wide array of educational opportunities which establishes a strong foundation for our students.  These include building a foundation in reading skills that incorporate phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary instruction; in fact, many students attain fluency by the end of the school year.  Kindergarten students are also exposed to a cutting edge use of Singapore math to teach strong thinking and problem solving skills that will set the stage for higher concepts of mathetics for the future.  

The Kindergarten program is enhanced with the addition of theme days throughout the year that promote a whole language approach to learning each subject, a daily emphasis on understanding Biblical concepts that develop a Biblical worldview which helps students begin to develop a personal faith in Christ, organized play experiences that encourage creative thinking, and structured learning environments further aid in developing students holistically.  

Varied daily schedules provide opportunities for students to participate in Art, Music, Physical Education, Foreign Language (Spanish), and Computer/Technology.  Field trips throughout the school year also help to support concepts being taught in the classroom and stimulating art projects help to strengthen fine motor skills.

Overall, Kindergarten students at Grace Christian School not only receive a quality educational experience, they also know that they have caring teachers that help make learning fun!

We invite you to see some of what a student in Kindergarten does in the Student Life page.

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