Elementary School Overview

The Elementary School is a fully integrated educational program that prepares students from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  There are a wide array of educational opportunities that help students to be challenged to think critically and biblically.  A Biblical worldview is integrated into all subjects - from math to reading.  In addition, students participate in a graded Bible class that is incorporated into the curriculum and in monthly (Kindergarten-2nd grade) or weekly (3rd-5th grade) chapels.

The curriculum is consistent with National and Maryland State standards so parents have confidence knowing that their child is receiving a high quality educational experience.  Students are in a secure and loving environment provided by teachers who care for them individually.  In addition to academic rigor, students have the opportunity to be involved in other specialized areas, such as Art, Music, Foreign Language, Physcial Education, and Computer/Technology classes.  Students at Grace Christian School have the tendency to be well-rounded individuals.

Glimpse into the life of an Elementary School student at Grace Christian School please visit the Student Life page.

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