At Grace Christian School, we take seriously the Academic training of our students.  With a curriculum that is consistent with National and Maryland State Standards, families find confidence that students will be able to excel after their time at GCS.  Academics are also integrated with a Biblical worldview - from Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies - our teachers integrate Biblical truths into lessons that range all subject matters.  In addition, students also have Bible as a graded part of the overall curricula in Elementary and Middle School.

From the beginning of their educational journey here at GCS in Kindergarten, students are challenged on an academic level as Math, Language Arts, and Reading are a critical part of their education in the first couple of years.  The level of education that students receive continue as Science and Social Studies become more prominent parts of the educational experience.  On the middle school level, mathematics takes on a new level of rigor with the introduction of pre-algebra and algebra in addition to general math.

On top of the traditional academic classes, students at Grace Christian School also participate in Computer/Technology, Music, Art, Foreign Language (Spanish), and Physical Education from Kindergarten - 8th Grade.  Students also have the opportunity to engage in a deeper appreciation for books and reading through weekly visits to our Library, which houses over 16,000 resources!  Students become more involved in the realm of music with the introduction of choir in 3rd Grade, and in 4th grade students have the option to learn an instrument. 

Some of the curriculum used are Open Court Reading (which includes an online component so parents can be actively involved in their student's reading maturity), Reading Street, Singapore and Glencoe Mathematics, A Beka, and Bob Jones University Press.  Overall parents have the confidence that when their child is a Grace Christian School Student - their child will succeed and strive academically!

Grace Christian School is an Accredited School and an ACSI Member

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